jueves, septiembre 24, 2009

KISS AND TELL | Selena Gomez & The Scene (Download Disney)


Hoy en la seccion Download Disney, les traemos el CD COMPLETO de Selena Gomez & The Scene , KISS AND TELL. ¡Disfrutalo!


1. “Kiss and Tell” (Ted Bruner, Trey Vittetoe, Gina Schock)
2. “I Won’t Apologize” (Selena Gomez)
3. “Falling Down” (Bruner, Vittetoe, Schock)
4. “I Promise You”
5. “Naturally”
6. “Crush” (Bruner, Vittetoe, Schock)
7. “More”
8. “As a Blonde”
9. “I Don’t Miss You at All”
10. “The Way I Loved You”
11. “Stop and Erase” (Bruner, Vittetoe, Schock)
12. “I Got U”
13. “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know ” (Antonina Armato, Ralph Curchwell, Michael Nielsen)

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